The Best Burgers in the Area

Anytime I am driving through San Diego, I usually stop by QuickFood. They have very delicious burgers and fries.

By Emily Wilson

Your French Fries are the Best!

QuickFood is my favorite burger joint. They grind their beef fresh everyday – and their french fries are homemade. I have not been disappointed yet.

By John Smith

There are Burgers for Vegetarians

What I like the most about this restaurant is that they have tasty things both for vegetarians and vegans. All their dishes and snacks are delicious!

By Ann Carlson

I Like the QuickFood’s Pizzas

I am a real pizza addict, and even when I’m home I prefer QuickFood’s pizzas to all others. They taste awesome and are very affordable.

By Fred McMillan

Perfect and Tasty Desserts

Thanks so much for the gorgeous strawberry cake and desserts on Saturday. We loved that cake - so beautiful and yummy!

By Jane Perez

We Order Burgers Here

When you work in the office, sometimes it is hard to eat on time. However, thanks to QuickFood we order tasty burgers for our office almost everyday!

By Sam Lee